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Module 5: Pedagogy: Introduction

One of my favourite Ted Talks is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s: The Danger of a Single Story. Every time I watch it, I get something more out of it. This time, what I noticed was her mention of Nollywood. I recently saw a special about Nollywood on EuroNews. It is amazing the number of movies put…

Module 4: Part 1: Planning for Teaching and Learning

When I think about classroom management, my style has evolved over the years. When I first started teaching, a student made the comment that “You have no bend.” I was flattered at the time. I wanted to be strict, I did not want to be thought of as a pushover, and I wanted to maintain…

Module 3: Part 2: Defining Curriculum

I was blown away by Mark Slouka’s article: Dehumanizing. I have had a similar experience as the author when telling my then boyfriend’s uncle what I was studying in university. I told him I was an English major, and he asked, hopefully in jest, if I didn’t already know enough English. I told him English…

PME 851: Module 2: Part 1: Thinking about and Visualizing Culture

When I think of culture, I usually think about the surface aspects of culture, as seen above. The iceberg concept of culture is a perfect way of truly looking at culture beyond what is visible, or expected. I find it hard to pinpoint my culture. I was born and raised in Canada, and my maternal…

PME 851-Culture, Curriculum and Pedagogy

Module 1-Part 1: Building a Community of Inquiry Here are my results from the World Abroad quizzes: International Skills & IQ-96%International Experience-100%Preparation for the International Job Search-96% I think I should probably add a disclaimer to my answers. I am married to my husband who is in the military and I have an eleven year…

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